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Anything & everything you need to know as a patient.


Manage your dental treatments by spreading the costs over time. Pay a small deposit, no interest, and repay weekly on a schedule that suits you, knowing you're in control of tomorrow.



  • How does this work?
    We have a contract in place with the dental/specialist practice providing you the service or product. We have your set payment plan, however, we need your bank / credit / debit card details in order for us to facilitate and manage the payments securely. You need to complete the secure form to authorise us to set up a direct debit on your account as we can't otherwise withdraw money from your account. We don't share this information with the practice and we hold it securely within our systems.
  • Do I need to pay a deposit?
    Yes, at the time you are setting up the payment plan or if you later on increase your payment plan. The deposit is between 10% and 30%, depending on the cost of your treatment and the repayment period. The deposit is paid either directly to Safe Pay Smiles via our secure credit card portal or to the practice. If you would like to pay the deposit by EFT, please give us a call or use the bank details found on our app .
  • Where do I get the forms?
    You can get all the secure forms you need from our app. Simply scan the QR code from the dental/specialist practice. If you need help, contact us via email at or call 07-56580500.
  • Are my details secure?
    Absolutely! We use a secure form, limit access to the information and use encrypted files to store and process the information.
  • Will I get a reminder about my payments?
    Yes, we will send you a SMS a couple of days prior to the payment being deducted from your bank account or credit/debit card. This reminds you to ensure there are sufficient funds available as charges apply to failed payments.
  • What will I see on my bank/credit card statement?
    You will see the payment being deducted with the reference or description as "Safe Pay Smiles" from your bank account. Please keep in mind that Safe Pay Smiles is a subdivision of Collect 4U.
  • What if I need to change the day or frequency of the payment plan?
    The flexibility you have to change the payment schedule depends on the practice you have the service with and the specific payment plan you are on. Please give our friendly team a call on 07-56580500
  • How do I cancel a payment plan?
    The terms for cancellation of your payment schedule depend on the practice you have the service with, but generally once you've agreed to treatment and have started, you are liable for the full amount outstanding. If you've had a change in circumstances, please get in contact with our patient care team to discuss the details. Please don't allow the payments to fail as this will attract failed payment fees and the debt could be referred to our debt collection team. Rather get in contact with us as soon as you have any difficulty in repaying the account, on 07-56580500
  • What happens if a payment fails due to insufficient funds?
    If a payment fails you will be notified by either sms or email. The payment plan will continue as per normal, however the failed payment will need to be made as well. There are different options on how to make up a missed payment. Please note that you may be charged failed fees by us and possibly also by your bank. We will notify you if any fees are charged and if you're unsure, please get in contact with our team.
  • How do I make up a missed payment?
    There are different reasons why you might have missed a payment, however it's easy to catch up the missed payment. You can: * Pay directly into our bank account. Details can be found on our app or send us an email. * Pay with your credit/debit card on our patient portal. You will be able to use Google Pay or Apple Pay securely. * Complete the form on our app, to add the missed payment to your next scheduled payment. * Give us a call (07-56580500) and we can put a catch up arrangement in place that is affordable for you.
  • Will I receive a regular statement?
    You are able to view and download statements and payment receipts via our patient portal, which you can access via the app. We would like to be kinder to the environment and therefore don't send out paper statements. If you struggle or have any questions, please get in contact with our friendly Gold Coast team and we will happily send you a statement via email. All fees and charges are transparent to you and the practice.
  • What if I need to change my bank details or my credit card information?
    If you change bank details or your credit card expires, you need to contact us straight away. This will ensure that you don't miss any payments, get charged failed payment fees or have to make up any payments. You can use the app to change your payment details, email us ( or give our friendly staff a call on 07-56580500.
  • Can I make extra payments outside of my payment plan?
    Yes, you can make extra payments outside of your payment plan in order to pay it off earlier. There are no penalties or extra fees for doing this. You can use the app to make a payment with your credit card or find the details for our bank account.
  • What are the fees and charges?
    As with most businesses, there are generally fees and surcharges for setting up and using the banking and credit card facilities. These are all transparent and outlined in our app for you to view. If you have any questions, please give us a call on 07-56580500 or send us an email at
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